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Brownfields 2008 - May 6, 2008

          Cobo Hall - Detroit, Michigan

Continuing Obligations:  Tools for Maintaining Liability Protection After AAI

Panel Discussion - Tuesday, May 6, 2008 - 2:45 pm 

This panel, including American Brownfields Assurance Company (ABAC) representatives and partners, will discuss the need to satisfy continuing obligations in order to maintain liability protection under CERCLA, the tools for doing so, and the status of ASTM's Continuing Obligations Standards.  Tools include both commercial and not-for-profit approaches to Continuing Obligations and IC/EC Stewardship, financial products, insurance products, and electronic and in-the-field verification and monitoring methodologies.  Perspectives will also be offered regarding regulatory drivers for maintaining continuing obligations, other than liability protection and possible certification standards for environmental professionals conducting Continuing Obligations.

    A. J. Birkbeck, ABAC -      Moderator
    Mike Sowinski,
        Opper & Varco -             Status of ASTM Continuing
    Don Richardson, ABAC -   Sentinel Trust Construct
    Bob Wenzlau, Terradex -    Terradex - IC
    John Sabuco, Eldertree -     Verification of Continuing
                                                  Obligations in the field
    Paul Lesti, Lesti Structured
        Settlements -                    Long term financing of
                                                  Obligation activities
    Susan Neuman, EIA, Inc. -   Status of Insurance
                                                   Products relating
                                                   to Continuing Obligations

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